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All my watercolour paints are made from scratch - with pigments, and hand measured/mixed binder. Each colour is hand-mulled at my studio and it goes through a couple of tests before I decide to make a batch for sale. Curing takes from 5 to 10 days, depending on weather condition and humidity level. Each colour is inspected for the quality checked, then hand packaged and labelled with much care.

All this means that my products require a lot more time and labour than mass produced, more widely available paints that usually involve machinery and more than one staff. Please allow me 3-7 days for the processing/posting time.

The paints are available on the online store - eemberlin.storenvy.com
🐾 Cruelty-free, Quality Ingredients

My 'vegan' recipe of the binder is of Gum Arabic, Distilled Water, Organic Rice or Corn syrup, Clove Oil, Glycerine, and synthetic Ox Gall. The paints do not contain any sorts of filler and/or brightener.

The pigments are sourced from (mainly) Kremer Pigments and the wee pigment shop Propolis in Kreuzberg, Berlin. All the ingredients including pigments are carefully selected to ensure the good quality and sustainability. 

Lightfastness is tested either by the pigment manufacterer(s) or myself - as of today(August 2017), all the colours offered are of excellent/good lightfastness.

The paints re-wet easily, and colours remain lively in paintings. My recipe has been evolving and improving in the last months of research and experimentation, and I plan to continue doing so! 🙂

☠️ Toxicitiy info on paints
I try to source only non-toxic pigments for my paints for my own(and my furry companions') health and safety concerns, but also for the people who will buy them. As of August 2017, the pigments that require a bit of care for the environment are:
- Milori Blue(PB27) : "May cause long lasting harmful effects to aquatic life." according to Kremer Pigments link(1) link(2)
- Kupferblau/Copper Blue : "Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects." accoring to Kremer Pigments link(1) link(2)

The information given is referred to the concentrated, pigment form. While it would not have the same level of toxicity when diluted in binder and water, I would like to advise you to take care when you are disposing the rinse water, if you use any of the paints that contain the pigments mentioned in the list above.

📦 Postage
- within Germany: 3.50€ (max. 5€)
- Everywhere Else: 5.50€ (max. 7€)
- Local Pickup(Berlin, Germany): FREE! (please send me a message via email, eventually.mixes@gmail.com, before making a purchase)

I try to package and seal the paints with as much recycled/reused materials as possible. Also, if you would like to have lighter packaging(without padded materials for example) for a less postage, please do contact me for the customised invoice.

I can also customise colours and palettes that can suit your works and needs. Please feel free to drop me a message, or email at eventually.mixes@gmail.com if any questions! 🙂

Amé Binnarä Kim 
Eventually, Everything Mixes.