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Hello and welcome!

My name is Amé Binnarä Kim, the founder of EEM and freelance artist/"kreator" living in Berlin, Germany.

What is "EEM"?

EEM stands for "Eventually, Everything Mixes" - the name of this wee project involving handmade, cruelty free watercolour paints and workshops.

When I started making paints earlier this year(2017), I realised that it takes a lot of elbow grease. Some pigments would even repel water, and my early recipes of the binder didn't really work out well. It was a struggle, and I thought myself - 'Well, it will mix eventually...I should just keep working on it.'

I would like to think that this 'philosophy' can be applied to lots of situations we experience in everyday life. You may disagree on that, but hey, it's still a neat little name! 🙂

With this project, I would like to not only provide artist's quality handmade watercolour paints at affordable prices, but also to connect with the people who feel a little distant to 'making arts' by conducting a series of workshops.

For more info on the paints and workshops, please click the menus above.